Polk Audio MM6 Component Speaker System

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Car audio enthusiasts are always searching for aftermarket products with competition performance capability. The Polk Audio brand has consistently produced products with competition capability. If you’re looking for an affordable set of component speakers that can deliver competition performance, check out the Polk Audio MM6 component system. You will soon discover that the Polk Audio MOMO line has delivered yet again.

Their clean design (available in white and silver) is an accurate indicator of the speakers’ pristine sound quality. These speakers demonstrate Polk’s exclusive Dynamic Balance technology, which helps actively reduce distortion. The clarity in sound reproduction is a large reason why these MOMO speakers live up to their “Champion Performance” tagline.

Bass thumping also comes naturally for the MM6 2-way system. This system is designed to handle an impressive 300 watts of RMS continuous power handling and it has a 1.5” voice coil to promote bass response. The Polk MM6 component speakers have a polymer/mica composite cone and low mass carbon fiber dustcap help produce clearly defined vocal playback.

The MM6 system also has other nice features such as the flexibility of the crossovers and car audio tweeters. For example, you can adjust the tweeter level at three positions (0dB, -3dB and -6dB). When you consider the outstanding sound quality and various mounting options, the MM6 component system is a great combination package.

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