Save 20% on Select Infinity & JBL Car Audio Products

Save 20% on Select Infinity & JBL Car Audio Products

You have all heard of Infinity and JBL. They are two of the most respected brands in the audio industry. With high-end products ranging from home audio to professional audio and even to car audio, these two Harman brands have developed a wide range of products for both consumer and industrial use. Many of those reading this bog will be familiar with these two brands inside the car. No matter where you go or whom you talk to, a car with JBL or Infinity equipment is respected because of the excellent sound quality. Now at Sonic Electronix and for a limited time only we are giving 20% Off Infinity and JBL Items.

Some of the popular Infinity products that are included in this sale are the Reference amplifiers and the Kappa subwoofers. The two class D Reference amplifiers offered are excellent companions to many of the subwoofers out there. The true power ratings make it easy to match a subwoofer and get the best sound possible. The Kappa series subwoofers have been a wide success for Infinity with their fantastic looks, top-notch sound quality, and their ease of installation. Each features the SSI (Selectable Smart Impedance) that allows the subwoofer to change the impedance at the terminals with a flip of a switch.

JBL also is offering a great selection of sale items. The Power and Grand Touring speakers have had their prices reduced for a limited time. These speakers use space-age materials and advanced engineering to produce a sound that is comparable to the nicest of speakers, yet for a fraction of the cost. Powering these speakers is fast and easy with the JBL 4-channel and 5-channel amplifiers that are also included in the sale. Remember, this sale is only for a limited time. Head on over to the JBL and Infinity Sale at Sonic Electronix and save today!

I've always had a passion for quality sound. Growing up, my sound editor father taught me the importance of good sound and good audio equipment. In my teens I was installing audio systems and frequenting concerts. Today, I'm marketing audio products a company that is as passionate about audio as I am. All along the way i've collected and built a nice collection of quality audio gear that lets me listen the way I want. The point is, I love audio... and pizza.

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