Sonic Electronix now Accepts Amazon Payments

Sonic Electronix has always been dedicated to providing the best customer service to each of its customers. In fact, it is that passion for customer service that motivated the founder to start Sonic Electronix 15 years ago. Today, we continue to look for new ways to serve the customer on our website, on the phone, and in person at our installation bay. We are happy to announce the latest customer service enhancement on Sonic Electronix: Amazon Payment.

Amazon Payments is a service that allows a customer to purchase from an online store, such as Sonic Electronix, and use their Amazon address book and payment information. It is a secure way to easily pay for your order without having to pull out your credit card or type out your address. All you have to do is log into Amazon when prompted during checkout and Sonic Electronix will do the rest. We will load in your addresses and confirm which credit card you want to use. The service is very secure and makes checkout much easier.

How do I use Amazon Payments?

To use amazon payments on Sonic Electronix, look for the “Pay with Amazon” button on the cart page. Click that button and you will be prompted to enter your Amazon log in information. This allows Sonic Electronix to securely talk with Amazon about your addresses and payment information. Once you enter that information, you will be returned to the checkout process where you can select the address you want to ship the order to. Loving to the next step, you will be able to select the credit card you want to use. Then simply place your order.

We hope that Amazon Payments will make the checkout process faster and easier for our customers, especially those shopping from mobile devices. If you have any questions or concerns about using Amazon Payments, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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