Top 3 Marine Amplifier Deals Found At Sonic Electronix

JBL Marine MA6004

For the coming months that are heating up, it’s always good to outfit your nautical vessel with something that can help bring out the best sound quality and volume possible out on the ocean. Picking out a marine certified amplifier is a great idea in this season to maximize your boats audio quality. Built to be protected against the elements, marine amplifiers are designed with coated circuit boards to prevent water from damaging the amplifiers circuitry. Also, the fuses are designed to not produce a spark in the case that they end up popping; this is to protect the user of the electronics. The marinized enclosure is also designed with UV and salt water resistant pant which silk screen and heat sink the enclosure. The amplifiers are also protected against corrosion that can come from being in marine environment. Here are some of the top three marine certified amplifiers are at Sonic Electronix.

The MB Quart NAU 460 is a 4-channel marine amplifier to power multiple speakers, or optionally two subwoofers. This particular amplifier has a power rating of 60 watts of RMS power to 4-channels at 4 ohms, 90 watts of RMS power to 4-channels at 2 ohms, and you can also bridge the channels together to produce 180 watts of RMS power to 2-channels at 4 ohms.

Next up is the Sony XM-604M 4-Channel Marine amplifier. This amplifier also outputs 60 watts of RMS power to 4-channels at 4 ohms. The Sony XM-604M outputs 70 watts of RMS power to 4-channels at 2 ohms. Built-in high pass and low pass filters allow you to tune this amplifier perfectly with the music that you are listening to along with it.

Finally is the JBL Marine MA6004 4-channel Marine Amplifier. This amplifier is also capable of pushing 60 watts of RMS power at 2 ohms and pushes 80 watts of RMS power to 4 channels at 2 ohms. It has a bridgeable design allowing it to be bridged to output 160 watts of RMS power to 2-channels at 4 ohms.

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