Alesis SR18 Drum Machine

Alesis SR18 Drum Machine

By David D. – Product Specialist

Alesis has been a very popular name in the drum machine market since their introduction of the SR16 in the early 90’s. The SR18 is the next generation of drum machine produced by Alesis and is equipped with electronic drums, cutting-edge drumsets, one shot hits, and modern percussion sounds. Being that is the next generation model from Alesis, the traditional square look that most equipment shares has been replaced with rounded side edges that give it that contemporary look.

The top panel is outfitted with a large blue backlit screen that provides you with an easy to read view at your settings including tempo, patch and other important information. During any editing process, the screen will also give you visual feedback to make the process even easier. The large top panel scroll wheel allows you to instantly perform quick edits of parameters and browse through parameters. The scroll wheel is also supplied with a convenient finger indent that provides it with simple and comfortable operation. Record and Tempo indicators are also equipped on the top part of the SR18.

The control panel is located below the screen and scroll wheel and contains all the necessary commands to make the functionality of the Alesis SR-18 perform. From setting up to record, setting tempo, choosing effects, playing your creations, and much more, this is where most of the work will take place. The mute button on the control panel allows you to mute the drums, bass, percussion, and individual pads. Other cool commands include save/copy, pattern/song, erase, drum set, and many more.

The bottom panel consists of 12 large pressure sensitive pads. These pads work as triggers for percussion and drum sounds; you can use these sounds for recording your own rhythm patterns and creations. Each percussion pad is labeled with easy to read white font and numbered 1-12, making it even easier to create some awesome sounds.

The back panel of the Alesis SR18 Drum Machine is supplied with all the necessary connections you will ever need. There are 4 outputs which consist of AUX L/R, Main Right, Main Left, and Phones. There is also one MIDI output, one MIDI input, two footswitches, power connection for 12 volt, on/off switch, and a fully adjustable volume knob. One more cool feature is the instrument input, just plug your instrument in and its signal is added to the output.

This drum machine has over 500 drum and percussion sounds along with 50 bass sounds. This should be plenty to have your musical imagination flowing for a long time.

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