American Audio VMS4 MIDI Controller

American Audio VMS4 MIDI Controller

There are not too many old school DJs now-a-days, I mean, how often do you see a DJ at a club spinning vinyl records? With technology these days, there is no reason to lug around those bulky records in milk crates from venue to venue. The digital DJ has taken over the scene, most of them keep all of their mixes and music on laptops or iPods, so manufactures like American Audio create products that make a DJs job a bit easier. One of those products is the VMS4 MIDI Controller.

The VMS4 is a 4-channel table top MIDILOG controller and is American Audio’s top of the line controller. This controller fuses both MIDI software and analog audio control into one unit, hence the “MIDILOG” reference from above. A new feature that American Audio has incorporated into this controller is the built-in USB port, this provides plug-n-play right out of the box and allows the VMS4 to be used with any MIDI audio software titles. This controller is equipped with two velocity touch sensitive jog wheels, a full function mouse pad, two 10- bit resolution pitch sliders, 62 assignable MIDI buttons and switches (50 with LED illuminations, 18 with dual blue/red LEDs), 4 assignable rotary encoders, 34 assignable rotary controllers, and 5 assignable linear fader controllers. All audio control faders, knobs, switches, and buttons have been smoothed to eliminate popping, wiper noise, and zipper noise. One cool feature that really caught my eye was the built-in soundcard, now there’s no need for additional interfaces between the controller and a computer.

The VMS4 MIDI Controller includes the very popular and easy to use Virtual LE DJ Software so you can start playing right out of the box. However, this is only the special edition software, so if you plan to use this product professionally, you should consider upgrading to the full professional version. Virtual DJ has made it real easy to do so, there is a link to upgrade at the top of its page, so in just one click, you have yourself the full version. If you’re not a professional though, the special edition will be just fine for you.

This all in one DJ controller has everything you need to create your own personal mixes, so whether you’re a professional, or just doing it for fun, the VMS4 will suit your needs.

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