American Audio VX2500 Professional DJ Amplifier

American Audio VX2500 Professional DJ Amplifier

So you’re a DJ, and you already have a set of turntables, a mixer, a booming speaker system, and a pair of headphones, however, there is one thing you might be missing. To get those speakers sounding like they are supposed to, you should invest in a Professional DJ Amplifier like American Audio’s VX2500. This amp will be the finishing touch to your DJ equipment and enhance the overall power and sound quality of your speakers.

The American Audio VX2500 is a 19” 2U fan cooled VX series professional DJ amplifier that can be wired in 8 ohm, 4 ohm, or 2 ohm impedance’s and can also be bridged at 8 or 4 ohm. The highest power output unbridged (at 2 ohm) is 1400 watts while the highest power output bridged (at 4 ohm) puts out a whopping 2800 watts. This amplifier features a built-in dynamic sound processing circuitry which improves dynamic range & quality of sound, making your mixes and sets sound that much better. The front panel of the VX2500 is equipped with an LCD display that shows temperature, working mode, and protection mode. You don’t have to worry too much about this amp overheating or short circuiting thanks to the integrated Comprehensive Protection System. This protection system includes DC output protection, overload protection, high temp protection, short circuit protection, current Inrush protection, soft start-up protection, auto shut down, and a 2-speed cooling fan to ensure a long lasting lifespan.

American Audio has thrown convenience into the mix for this amplifier. The rackmount steel chassis have built-on front panel handles for easy installation into a rack mount road case like the American Audio ETLC 8×4. This road case has a sturdy plywood construction and holds 19” rack mount equipment with 8 spaces on the top and 4 spaces on the bottom. If you want to step up your game a little bit and invest in a professional style rack case, the American Audio TLC Pro 8×4 will also hold the VX2500. This case is made of lightweight durable plastic and features 8 spaces on top and 14 spaces on the bottom, perfect to hold most of your DJ gear.

Complete your DJ system off with the American Audio VX2500 Professional DJ Amplifier. It has audiophile features for an affordable price, so enhance your systems sound quality and get yours today.

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