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Numark DJ in a Box S7

By David D. – Product Specialist

Looking for DJ Equipment? Look no further; Sonic Electronix now carries the best manufactures in the DJ game including Numark, PreSonus, Mackie, Technical Pro and many more. Sonic Electronix has everything you need to become a complete DJ such as Mixers, Headphones, Preamplifiers, Speakers, Drum Machines, Microphones, Turntables and plenty more. Below I will summarize some of the items I have had a chance to use.

Numark DJ in a Box
Every DJ needs a set of Turntables, there is no better starter set than the Numark DJ in a Box Package. I previously purchased this package, it has everything you need to perform or record with vinyl and or iPod. The built-in TT1610 belt driven turntables are simple to use and produce a clean, crisp sound quality. My favorite feature has to be the built-in iM1 Mixer, this allows you to record your personal mixes to your iPod or iPhone, which I love because I can make my own ringtones from mixes I create. Numark couldn’t have made this easier to use for beginners, so if you’re looking to get started in the DJ game, I strongly suggest this DJ package.

PreSonus Monitor Station
When you get a little more advanced, the PreSonus Monitor Station is a must have. This is the ideal desktop monitoring and communication system for a recording studio. Equipped with three input audio streams, you can switch between and compare different inputs. Knowing that communication is key during recording, my favorite feature is the Talkback Microphone with volume control, this stops yelling between you and the person wearing the headphones and allows efficient communication. Some other cool features are the three sets of speaker outputs, fully adjustable main speaker volume control, and the main and cue stereo output with independent input source selection. I’m still learning how to use this to its fullest potential, but from what I’ve learned already, I made the right choice when I purchased this monitoring station.

Mackie Loudspeakers
You can’t be a DJ without some loud speakers and the Mackie SRM350V2 10” 2-way loudspeaker will not let you down. These speakers are equipped with a 10” neodymium woofer that provides a punchy bass response, titanium compression driver to enhance clarity, and a 1” titanium tweeter which produces incredible high frequency clarity. With a speaker like this, I’m always playing it loud and for long periods of time, so the 3-way protection system and the signal/power/limit display LED’s come in handy and keeps this speaker pumping for hours. When I purchased this speaker, I knew I was going to be moving it around from place to place a lot, so the 2 handles (one top, one side) and the lightweight polypropylene cabinet (26 lbs) make this a very convenient speaker. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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