GoGo Tuners TT1

The GoGo Tuners TT1 is a the handiest of the handy when it comes to guitar tuners.    The  TT1 clips right to the headstock of any guitar so its a hands free way to make sure you’re always in tune.

The TT1 checks your tuning in two unique ways.   The first is using a highly sensitive internal microphone designed to be used with acoustic and hollowbody instruments.   The second is the piezo pickup found in the clip of the tuner.   The extremely sensitive clip “feels” the vibrations of the strings though the guitar rather than picking them up through the mic.    This is a wonderful advantage when trying to tune during a noisy rehearsal session because unlike other tuners the TT1 doesn’t require a quiet environment to work.   The pickup can simply feel if your guitar is in tune or not.

Another awesome feature of the TT1 is the color indication.    The entire backlit screen of the tuner will light up green for in tune,  and red for out of tune.     This is great if you often play in dimly lit rooms unlike other tuners with simple lCD displays.  The body of the TT1 is a smokin’ blaze orange as well so if you happen to set your tuner down on your amp or by your pedal board while playing in that dimly light room your eye is easily drown right back to it.   This thing is hard to lose!

The GoGo Tuners TT1 features three 360 degree points of swivel so no matter where you place the tuner on youre instrument its easy to adjust for a clear line of sight to the screen.

There are several operation modes to choose from including chromatic mode, guitar, bass, violin, and viola.    So no matter what your instrument this is the tuner for you.

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