Halloween Party Pack!

Are you expecting herds of candy hungry kiddies, or plan on throwing a midnight monster bash this Halloween? Or maybe you would like to freakout your neighbors all year-long? The Halloween Party Pack is perfect for spooking up your porch or party. The Halloween Party Pack includes three key lighting effects that will instantly liven up the living dead and keep Dracula dancing.

The American DJ Fog Array
is two 400 watt fog machines built into one unit. The Fog Array shells out 3000 cubic feet of fog per minute in two different direction which is plenty for any house party or small venue, it also sports a 500ml fog juice tank so plenty of fog effect can be achieved without having to constantly refill the unit. The Fog Array only takes minutes to warm up so you can have a dazzling fog effect quicker than it takes to put out more dip. The Fog Array also comes with a wired remote control so the fog machine can remain hidden to ensure the maximum spooky effect.

The American DJ 48″ Blacklight
fixture is a 40 watt florescent light that will bring a fun spooky feel to the party. Blacklights react to phosphorescent paint or chalk so you can ge the kids involved with the decorations. Virtually any costume with in line of site of this serious blacklight will take on a new life.

The Mr. Dj st100 ministrobe is a variable speed strobe light that is the perfect accent to flash behind the fog for a lightning in the clouds effect. The strobe is lightweight and easily mounted all sorts of surfaces. The variable speed can be set to flash up to 12 times a second and the included bulb has a 10 million flash live. In combination with the blacklights eerie glow, this package is the perfect Halloween party pack.

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