Lighting and Today’s Mobile DJ

Today’s mobile DJ has a plethora of equipment to sort through in order to put together the best show possible. It is imperative to know your media players, software, and sound systems inside and out for the best sounding show.  Not to be overlooked is the visual impact you can have on the crowd when using the best possible lighting and visual effects equipment.

Floods Fills and FunSlimpar 64

Commonly referred to as stage lighting or up lighting, depending on the orientation of the lights themselves, these lights are used to illuminate the room, stage, the crowd, and any points of focus you would like to direct a crowd to. These lights consist of washes and fill lights that are broad in spectrum and cover a large area. Typically these lights are used with color gels and other filters to evoke moods intermittently or maintain a consistent motif of the show.

Freakin’ LasersChauvet Cirrus

Referred to as effect lighting or aerials these led lights and lasers are used to make dazzling designs both on surfaces and in the air. New laser designs now enable anyone to safely perform amazing laser shows that once were deemed too dangerous to operate without a proper license. With the help of a good fog or haze machine each particle in the fog or haze’s  fine mist will catch light and illuminate in the air enabling the focused and defined beams of light we associate with a laser light show.

Take Control DMXAmerican DJ Affressor Tri LED

DMX512 (digital multiplexing with 512 bits of information) is the standard protocol for digital communication networks used to control stage lighting and effects. Simply meaning DMX is a way to control all of your DMX enabled lighting equipment using a manual controller such as the Chauvet Obey 40 or a software program and a DMX interface with a laptop.  Another way to automate and control a light is to use the programed patterns built into the light, or many lights today are equipped with sound sensitive triggers. This is particularly handy with strobe lights as a strategically placed sound sensitive strobe light can be really impressive in combination with proper stage lighting and other effects.

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