Mackie SRM450V2 Professional DJ Loudspeaker

Mackie SRM450V2 2-Way Powered SR Loudspeaker

By David D. – Product Specialist

Power & Performance
Every DJ needs a good speaker to really get the party or club bouncing. The Mackie SRM450V2 12” 2-way powered loudspeaker can defiantly make that happen. The built in Class D amplifier provides this speaker with a low frequency power rating of 300 watts and a high frequency rating of 100 watts, plenty of power to make your mixes and sets sound amazing. The integrated 12” neodymium woofer provides a punchy, tight response, and an ample amount of bass for those techno or house beats. However, this Mackie Loudspeaker is not all about the bass; it’s also equipped with a 1-3/4” titanium tweeter that produces incredible highs and clarity.  For studio quality sound, this loudspeaker also includes electronic time correction, phase alignment, EQ, and a built-in phase accurate 24dB Linkwitz-Riley electronic crossover.

Superior Protection
In my experience with DJ loudspeakers, I know that they are often pushed to the limits and can sometimes be damaged, no need to worry about that with this speaker. The 5-way protection circuitry (Over excursion, thermal, low line voltage, driver protection, low frequency roll-off) will provide ultimate protection giving the Mackie SRM450V2 and long life span. To supply the speaker with less distortion at peak levels, Mackie has included a built-in limiter. Signal, peak, power-on, and thermal display LED’s provide easy operation and lets you know what the speaker is doing at all times.

Convenience Features
The strong and lightweight polypropylene cabinet design of this Mackie Loudspeaker is able to handle wear and tear when moving from venue to venue. Equipped with 3 handles (one top, one on each side), you can conveniently carry and move the speaker with ease. It’s also flyable, pole mountable, and floor wedge-able so you can easily use it in any situation that you may need too. With all this adaptability, it’s the most versatile portable active loudspeaker around.

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