Numark NuVJ Video Mixing Console

Numark NuVJ Video Mixing Console

Numark is known for producing top notch DJ equipment that usually focuses more on the audio side of DJing. But if you’re a DJ who needs or likes to use video in your mixes and performances, then Numark has made the perfect product for you with the NuVJ intuitive video mixing console and performance controller.

The Numark NuVJ is a versatile DJ style video mixer that allows DJs to integrate images and video clips basically the same way you would mix music. This video mixer will add effects to images and video, mix them through the built-in crossfader, and allow you to create your own spectacular video shows. The great thing about this controller is that it is compatible with most of your existing gear. Also, the Arkaos v1.50 DJ software that is included will work with most computers and laptops, providing simple integration when using this product.

NuVJ has a layout that most DJs will be familiar with; there are two decks with each side featuring its own jog wheel with a scratch button, 6 parameter knobs, 9 trigger buttons, crossfader, and a speed vertical fader. The 3 function buttons that are located next to the parameter knobs will light up blue when in use. The top of this controller is equipped with a backlit blue dot matrix LCD display which makes it easy to see what you are actually doing. The front of the NuVJ features a fader mode A-B-C selector switch for the fader start, an auto fade speed knob that will adjust the crossfaders mixing speed, and a fader On/Off button.

Some other cool features include automated play for stand–alone operation, synchronization to audio-in or internal BPM generator, library of small movies, pictures, and graphic sets. The NuVJ connects to the USB port of Windows and Mac based computers and is an ideal performance tool for nightclubs, mobile DJs, stage performances, and other venues you might use it for.

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