Numark TTXUSB Direct-Drive USB Turntable

Numark TTXUSB Direct-Drive USB Turntable

Numark is very popular amongst the modern day DJs, their products simplify a DJs job and make it really easy to keep up with technology these days. Even if you’re not a modern DJ and have some old school vinyl records, they have products that will suit your needs like the TTXUSB professional direct-drive turntable.

This Numark professional turntable system was created with the traditional turntablist in mind but also has all the features that will satisfy the non-turtablist DJ. The TTXUSB is equipped with both a straight arm and s-shaped tonearm, the straight arm is most well known for being better for scratching while the more traditional S-Shaped tonearm is better for mixing. The body of the TTXUSB is a made up of 4-parts, a cosmetic cover, plastic body, a synthetic anti resonant inner core, and a silicon rubber base. The top panel features an attractive, hard to miss neon blue circular display that shows all the information you will need to know when operating such as the pitch adjust, platter speed, beats per minute (BPM), RPM, motor speed, solid block that indicate platter rotation, and the start and brake setting when you’re adjusting them. Not discriminating against righties or lefties, Numark has equipped the TTXUSB with 2-large start/stop buttons in each corner, making scratching more convenient no matter what your strong hand might be. Numark has made the pitch slider and speed controls much more user friendly, now you can easily unscrew the controls and swap them around, this is a great feature for the battling DJs, now the pitch will not be obstructed by the tone arm anymore.

For ultra quick conversion of vinyl to digital media, this turntable system features a USB connection . This could also not be done without the included EZ Converter DJ software. With just a few mouse click, vinyl to digital conversion takes just minutes, now all your old school vinyl records are now a part of you iTunes music library.

When you combine the affordable price with the amount of features found on the TTXUSB Direct Drive USB Turntable, you have yourself a deal that is very hard to pass up.

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