Perfect Beginner DJ Turntables – ION Discover ICUE3

ION Discover DJ (ICUE3) Computer DJ System

By David D. – Product Specialist

If you’re just getting started in the DJ game, the turntable systems can sometimes look overwhelming. Don’t let that stand in your way of becoming a successful DJ though; I have the perfect solution for you. The ION Discover ICUE3 DJ Turntable system is perfect for entry level DJs and those just learning how to mix. This system is fully compatible with your PC or Mac and includes everything you need to start DJing right from your computer. All you need is Windows XP/Vista for PC or Mac OS X for MAC to turn your computer into a mixing station.

The built-in plug-n-play USB connection allows you to conveniently hook it up straight to your computer, which means no drivers or power adapters needed, while the included Mix Vibes DJ Software allows you to record and edit all of your mixes. Don’t worry about not having songs to mix, this system is fully compatible with your iTunes music library, allowing you to mix and edit all your favorite jams.

ION’s ICUE3 system has dual touch-sensitive 6” jog wheels that are very smooth running and provide you with a natural scratch feel. When the “scratch mode” feature is turned on, they operate just like a real turntable, if “scratch mode” is off, the jog wheel will pitch bend. The bass and treble controls let you easily tune your sound to perfection; the looping feature allows you to extend the mix by repeating your favorite parts. Enhance your mixes with the built-in crossfader, this lets you mix between sounds while the fully adjustable tempos allow you to match songs. The large front panel pitch, volume, treble, and bass controls are easy-to-read and operate while the sync, reverse, cue, and play/pause buttons light up when in use.
So bottom line, if you’re a beginner looking for an affordable turntable system, or just want to have a little fun mixing your favorite jams on your free time, I highly suggest this ION Discover DJ System.

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