PRO TOOLS 9: Lay it down like Pro

Pro Tools 9 Boxed

Here at SonicElectronix we are proud to announce that we are now an authorized dealer of AVID AUDIO products including M-Audio and the brand new, open format, Pro Tools 9 recording software.
Avid has revamped the entire Pro Tools family of software which used to consist of Pro Tools LE, requiring a proprietary Avid or M-Audio interface, and the Pro Tools HD systems which use TDM cards. Pro Tools 9 Screenshot
Now there is Pro Tools 9 which can be used with any interface, or standing alone as native software.  There are quite a few advancements in the brand new edition of Pro tools 9 and by advancements I do mean unprecedented revolutionary changes that have impacted the audio production industry like never before. Pro Tools now works with any audio interface making the most powerful audio editing platform in digital history compatible with your favorite audio interface.

Pro Tools 8 and other earlier versions of Pro Tools have always required a Digidesign or M-Audio Interface to operate but now the industry standard digital audio editing platform can be paired with the most sophisticated audio equipment on the market or with none at all taking advantage of the new Pro Tools Aggregate I/O option which enables you to use your computers built in sound card Core Audio MIDI server for Mac or ASIO for PC.  This allows you to record and edit in Pro Tools using only your computer, an unheard of feat prior to the latest version of Pro Tools. Pro Tools 9 plug-ins
Previous versions of Pro Tools required additional software like Digitranslater to import OMF files from other digital audio workstations hindering your abilities to work with cross platform projects but thanks to Pro Tools 9’s new AAF and OMF importing features you are able to share sessions for other software like Apple Logic and Cubase right out of the box.

Pro Tools 9 has increased the number of available voiceable audio tracks from 61 to 128 tracks with 256 internal mix busses, and up to 512 MIDI tracks.  With the full version and  the addition of the Complete Production Toolkit 2 You can expand your Pro Tools 9 system to 512 voiceable audio tracks making your standard system a functional HD system capable of sharing sessions with any Pro Tools HD system.  The Complete Production Toolkit 2 also grants you access to a plethora of the same plugins industry professionals are using for music and video post-production enabling advanced VCA mixing, 7.1 and 7.0 surround mixing, as well as X-Form time compression and expansion.

With the new advancements of Pro Tools 9 production capabilities are truly limitless as you have at your fingertips the most advanced technology available in a digital audio workstation.

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