Roland V-Drums Available Now!


The V-Drums® name has been carrying a LOT of weight in the electronic instrument industry for many years now, and now we at Sonic Electronix can help you see why. The Roland TD-4K2 electronic drum kit pictured above is great for beginners and experts alike; especially if you’re on a tighter budget and/or if you live in an apartment where an acoustic drum set is rather impractical due to potential noise violations (I certainly know about those, trust me!). This kit has a module that boasts a wonderful, built-in Rhythm Coach feature that’s packed with a broad variety of functions that will help you warm up, tighten up your timing and improve your technique.

“Sounds Great! Tell Me More!”

The TD-4K2 kit comes packed with 5 V-Drum pads, 3 V-Cymbals, 1 Hi-Hat Control Pedal, the MDS-4 Drum Stand and the TD-4 Drum Sound Module – pretty much everything you need to get rockin’ right away!

Let’s talk for a bit about the brains of this operation: TD-4 Module The TD-4 Module. With this, you get 125 instruments and 25 unique kits, you get the ability to tune and muffle the kick, snare and toms individually from the front panel and a convenient Quick Record function that (you guessed it!) quickly records your performance. If you’re not particularly into solo drum music, you can always plug in an external media player to the Mix In jack and record yourself playing along with your favorite songs. You know, see how well you can match up with Neil Peart, Joey Jordison, or whomever your favorite drummer(s) may be!

And Speaking Of Matching Up…

Roland has this awesome, new (and FREE!) social networking software for V-Drums owners called Friend Jam. V-Drums Friend Jam was made for drummers, by drummers, and it lets users connect with each other while beefing up their drumming skills with play-along MP3s and performance evaluation features. The software is available here for free and is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Once you have installed the software, Friend Jam automatically downloads a diverse collection of practice songs onto your computer including rock, pop, jazz, metal and more. They also have full-band arrangements without the drums, so you can throw in your unique style to the song. For more information, see this PDF. Need some lessons first? Check out the boatload of videos on V-Drums Lessons.

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