The Benifits of a Wireless Guitar System

Untangle your life and experience the freedom of a wireless guitar system.    Wireless guitar systems are such as the Audio Technica ATW-701/G is a super convenient way for the performing guitarists out there to explore the stage and share and experience with their audience.    By untethering yourself from your pedals and amps you will be free to really get into a performance, Inexpensive VHF systems such as the  Audio Technica ATW251g are perfect for the weekend rockstars and the garage band heroes.

Wireless guitar systems consist of two basic components.   The transmitter with is attached directly to your guitar via the supplied cable.   The transmitter is encased in a bodypack style enclosure about the size of a deck of playing cards.   They are easily clipped onto your belt or guitar strap and transmit wirelessly to the receiver

The receiver is typically a small box that can be mounted on an amp or by your pedalboard.   Depending on the design, the wireless receivers can be field selectable meaning they can operate on many different frequencies.

Wireless guitar systems give an added level of safety to your performance by eliminating the need for  the snaring cables under your feet you can be confident you won’t be accidentally stage diving as a result of tripping over a guitar cable.

Set up and tear down are also a breeze as a result of wireless systems especially if you’re are performing at a festival or venue where you either follow or open for another act as that’s atleast one less cable you will have to track down, untangle and wrap.

You are also free to keep the sounds coming as you eliminate the possibility of stepping on a cable, pulling it out of your guitar, and blowing fire out of your amp as the result of a hot line flopping about the stage while you play air guitar for a few seconds.

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