The Pioneer CDJ2000 Vs. The Pioneer CDJ900

Visually these two units are virtually the same as they have the same footprint, transport controls, and layout of the features and buttons.  The first difference that you may notice in a side to side comparison is the beautiful organic LED illuminated screen of the CDJ2000 with adjustable brightness and animation  as well as the illuminated rings around the play pause buttons just the lights off of this media player is a show in itself.  The CDJ900 LCD screen is no slouch by any means as it displays more information that any previous CDJ model.

There is a slight difference in the illumination of the jog wheels.  The CDJ900’s Jog wheels have a really nice feel but the CDJ2000 has a tension adjustment for supper slick touch and feel or you can really put the brakes on for some precision scratching.

The CDJ2000 features a hot loops section where your selected loops can be stored and recalled at the push of a button. Loop and cue points can even be saved to an SD card.  This is opposed to the CDJ900’s auto beat loop section which will cue up any of 8 looping modes using the four auto loop keys in conjunction with shift key.

Something that the CDJ900 features that the CDJ2000 does not is the slip feature.   This powerful little button allows you to manipulate the jog wheel to cue and scratch but will return to the beat and song point as if you had not engaged the jog wheel instantly as you let go.  A particularly wonderful feature for DJs who play more mature themed songs at youth oriented functions such as school dances.

The CDJ2000 features and adjustable break speed as well as release speed so you can manipulate start and stop impulse times. The CDJ900 only has fixed corresponding vinyl speed adjustment, meaning that if you stop slow, you start slow and vice versa.

The features of the CDJ2000 may overshadow the lower priced CDJ900 although that’s not to say that the CDJ900 is not an incredible machine.  If the CDJ2000 is a fighter jet then the CDJ900 is the world’s greatest stunt plane.

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