What Type of DJ Mixer Should You Use?

Recently I’ve been able to have the awesome opportunity to work and learn about a lot of DJ equipment that we have available at Sonic Electronix. Throughout this time period I have definitely learned a thing or two about how certain levels of DJs should pick out the equipment they work with depending on the skill level they are currently at. When looking at mixers, you have to first consider what kind of DJ you would like to be, what kind of music you would like to play, and most importantly how far you see yourself going with it. There are tons of DJ mixers to choose from and at times it may be confusing to understand what exactly the right choice is for you.

Numark M101

Numark M101

As a DJ, you need to decide how many channels you want to mix. For most DJs starting out or even with a few years of experience, a two-channel mixer that has phono inputs, line inputs, and microphone inputs like the Numark M101 should be suffice. But once again, depending on the level you want to eventually become as a DJ should be highly considered when purchasing any mixer or equipment of the sort.

Things you also want to consider when look at mixers are for a high quality crossfader that can withstand lengthy usage. The crossfader is a sliding control on the mixing board that permits the DJ to transfer the audio output from one source to another, hence the term “mixing.”  Ideal crossfaders should be able to operate for a long time without losing their sound clarity. You can tell when a crossfader starts to not work so well because it will begin break up the sound when mixing.

Another important factor to look at are for the mixers line switches and EQ controls. The line switch of each channel on the mixer should be reliable and replaceable. You will want the switches to be 8-way adjustable, meaning that you will be able to move the switch in a way that is easy for you to control at your preference. The EQ controls on a mixer provide the DJ filtering of differing frequencies. When picking an EQ control, you want to make sure the controls are comfortable and compatible with the style you intend to mix as a DJ. There are two options to choose from, either an EQ knob or an EQ slider.

Last but not least, you also want to take a look at cue control. Cue control basically allows a DJ to listen to something they intend to mix into their music through their headphones before they actually mix it in, while playing something else through the sound system. As a DJ, you definitely make sure that the controls allow you to listen to your new mix in your headphones before it is displayed to the master output. There are many factors for this, but mainly good cue controls will get rid of any type of sound delay that is initiated by the distance between the speakers and yourself.

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