Whats New with the Numark NS6

Numark NS6

At a glance you may notice the Numark NS6 is a sexy compact Serato controller with all metal construction and sharp gun metal black finish and chrome platters but beneath the durable finish lies the unique components that make the NS6 one of the most advanced controllers of all time.

The Numark NS6 is designed to work with a new 4 deck version of Serato ITCH. You are able to control 4 separate decks in Serato, but that’s not all. The NS6 also functions as a stand alone 4 channel DJ mixer with 4 independent phono amps in the back for stand alone cd players or turn tables. You may also notice a new crossfader design in the cp pro slimline crossfader designed specifically for controllers to be durable enough for blistering fast mixing, yet ultra-responsive.

Numark NS6Keeping with the standard set by the Numark NS7 the Virtual Needle Drop application is improved with a new Strip Search function that features an LED indication of needle position on your tracks. In combination with the mouseless navigation controls, the user can keep his or her eyes on the controller rather than navigating a laptop screen allowing for flawless execution of your mix.

The Numark NS6 features a new Skip control allowing you to fast forward tracks to the beat and tempo of your mix adding a whole other level of control and convenience for beat matching on the fly. Dual FX engines in the NS6 can be assigned to any of the 4 decks in Serato with 12 track warping effects including Delay, Crusher, LPF, HPF, Braker, Phaser, Reverb and More. All effects can be assigned effortlessly with the flick of a wrist.

The platters feature the same mechanism as the Numark NS7 allowing for 3600 ticks of resolution per rotation for ultra precise control. Unlike most controllers that operate on a forced depression mechanism the NS6’s platters are touch sensitive giving you an unreal level of precise control. The combination of the Numark NS6, Serato ITCH, and You will blurs the lines between man and machine.

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