The HX300/1 from JL Audio is a Class D Monoblock amplifier. Engineered specifically for limited-space marine applications, the 4-channel HX300/1 amplifier employs JL Audio’s high-speed NexD™ switching design to deliver lots of clean power, while being kind to small charging systems. Its ultra-compact, cast aluminum chassis is highly resistant to corrosion, with an IPX6 water-resistance rating, making it ideal for applications where moisture would prohibit use of a conventional 12V amplifier.

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Claimed Output: 160W @ 14.40V 220W @ 14.40V 300W @ 14.40V
Certified Results: 158W @ 14.16V 271W @ 14.09V 354W @ 14.03V
Dynamic Results: 224W @ 14.14V 283W @ 14.05V 366W @ 14.01V


Here at Sonic Electronix, we strive to deliver incredible products and even better customer satisfaction- especially when it comes to car audio! This is precisely why we have tested the power on select amplifiers with our SMD AD-1 Amplifier Dyno, bringing you these amps’ true power ratings. Whether you are interested in an entry level or performance amp, we want to make sure that you guys are purchasing the car audio products that will deliver just the right amount of power for your system. Although each of our amplifiers have their listed peak and RMS power ratings, a Sonic Electronix Certified Amplifier is drastically better for your system because no matter what, you will know precisely the amount of power you will be getting out of your system!

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