Sonic’s Top 5 Studio Headphones

Sonic's Top 5 Studio Headphones

Whether you’re a studio professional like Rick Rubin or an at home audio engineer aspiring to be the next Jay Z, it is an absolute necessity to hear your recordings as naturally as possible. Thanks to advancements in headphone technology and design you are now able to achieve studio monitor-like audio reproduction without interruption from any sounds not meant to be a part of the recording.  Now-a-days there are arsenals of programs and equipment available for designing a recording studio but none are complete without a fantastic set of studio headphones.

We want to make sure you spend more time in the studio making music and less time trying to figure out what headphone to get so we’ve done the research for you. Here is our list of top 5 recommended studio headphones.


Beyerdynamic DT1770PRO

The Beyerdynamic DT1770PRO closed back headphones are arguably the best studio monitoring headphones out right now. Released this year (2016), these headphones have won the hearts of users because of their impeccable sound. They are revered for having beautiful highs, a natural midrange, and just the right amount of bass which produce an unmatched neutral sound profile. The phenomenal clarity of the DT1770PROs will allow you to hear every little detail. Featuring Beyerdynamic’s Tesla driver technology, they are very efficient and capable of use with just about every setup.

The DT1770PRO features a rugged headband made of steel and optional velour or leatherette ear pads. They are very comfortable for extended sessions without getting ear fatigue. The matte finish creates the look that will let everyone know you mean serious business. It comes with a single-sided detachable cable and a premium carrying case making this product great for transportation.

These headphones are so awesome if you went through and listen to your entire music collection again you’ll hear it like you’ve never heard it before.


Final Audio Design Sonorous III

The Final Audio Design Sonorous III will surpass your expectations for sound quality and design. The unique combination of monitor-like sound and expansive sound stage make for a new recording experience. The Sonorous III has extremely clear sound that accurately replicates the source and assures an exciting listen. The brilliant Japanese engineers at Final Audio Design supercharged these headphones with a lot of proprietary technology that make them ideal studio headphones.

The Sonorous III design is very different yet attractive and comfortable. It features plush synthetic leather covering on the headband and ear cups which eliminate what would be discomfort from the weight of the headphones. The purpose designed ear pads include sound absorption units that contribute to the sound signature. The premium quality detachable cable has a locking mechanism in each cup so you do not have to worry about accidentally ripping out the cord.

There is one big warning: VERY ADDICTING! USE AT YOUR OWN PLEASURE!!


Audio Technica athm70x

Audio Technica already has the legendary ATH-M50X, now they have done the unconceivable and made it better with the ATH-M70X.  The headphones now have more neutral and detailed sound. Their exceptional driver design provides an extended response which precisely replicates low and high frequencies while keeping seamless balance.

The ATH-M70X has been carefully constructed for long-lasting durability and comfort. Their professional grade ear pads perfectly contour around your ears and provide superior sound isolation. They keep the traditional Audi o Technica studio look but are a matte black with silver arms. The ATH-70X has a nice fold-flat design, detachable cable, and included carrying case make them extremely portable.

These are a fantastic set of studio headphones and let’s get real…the price tag isn’t bad for a headphone masterpiece that will make your recordings a masterpiece.


Shure SRH440

Like Quincy Jones, Shure is a legend in the professional audio industry. The Shure SRH440 are guaranteed to reproduce detailed audio across the entire frequency range. At an impedance of 44 ohms they are very efficient and will work great for studio or home recording without the need for any special amplification. However adding a headphone amplifier will take these bad boys to a whole new level of mind blowing sound.

The SRH440 are very well at noise isolation with their closed-back, circumaural design. For you this means that when you have these on it’s just you and your recordings sharing an intimate session. The SRH440 comes in matte black with an understated design that makes them a great choice for on the go use as well. Their light weight and plush ear pads provide so much comfort you’ll never want to take them off.

With all its great qualities and at a price under $100, these headphones are a steal.


Audio Technica ATH-M40X

The Audio Technica ATH-M40X is the budget friendly version in the ATH-M series. Although they are less expensive than the ATH-M50x, they are actually better for studio use due to their flat frequency response.  Yes, the entire ATH-M series is awesome and we don’t want to play a broke record so here are the ATH-M40X highlights:

  • 90° swiveling ear cups
  • Collapsible design that allows single-ear monitoring
  • Detachable cable and carrying pouch for easy storage
  • 40mm dynamic driver
  • 35 ohm impedance

If you need just one or multiple headphones for the studio without taking a significant dent in your wallet, these are what you are looking for.



Whatever your taste or budget one of these high quality studio headphones are guaranteed to get the job done. Now let’s go make some music!


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