Remember back in the day when you simply couldn’t underestimate the power of a good pair of headphones or earbuds? We’ve come a long way from then. But whether old school or fresh off the market, both headphones and earbuds serve a virtually irreplaceable role. Most recently, musicians and studio technicians have found themselves in need of a little more that the average headphone can offer.

Unlike regular music junkies, musicians require specialized equipment due to the plethora of functions they perform. It could be singing in the studio or even up on stage in front of a live audience. Whatever the case, musicians have to be able to listen to even the most subtle beats. In addition to delivering great quality sound, musicians also expect their headphones and earbuds to allow them to hear what the band is saying as well, especially on a noisy stage. Let’s face it; it doesn’t matter how great your voice is if you can’t hit the right notes or you keep getting lost in the melody. Therefore, Sonic Electronix introduces the top 5 musician earbuds and headphones that will make for an unforgettable performance.

Westone UM Pro 50 Musician Headphones

Westone UMPRO50 IEM

With these handcrafted earphones from the Westone signature series, music will definitely never sound the same again. The Westone UM Pro 50 delivers superior sound for stage performance as well as studio production. To achieve this, Westone incorporates five armature drivers with state of the art passive crossover network for a tight bass and some of the sharpest and clearest audio you will ever get. Topping off with Westone patented Truefit and STAR technology, the UM Pro 50 guarantees a personalized and comfortable fit for all. The clear case makes this beauty totally discrete and perfect for stage performances.

Desirable Headphone Features Include:
-Audiophile grade cable connection
-Superior sound isolation for studio or stage
-Wired signature series in-ear earphones
-115dB sensitivity

Westone AM Pro20 Headphones For Musicians

Traditionally, musicians and performers had to either go for the ambient experience or stick with a dedicated in-ear monitor mix. Well, not anymore, at least not with these babies. The Westone AM Pro20 allows you to not only hear the music but also feel the energy of your audience. These in-ear headphones include Weston’s exclusive SLED technology that gives musicians full control over the environment. With the volume set to low, musicians can hear what their bandmates are saying without all the messy, constant motions of removing the earpiece. If you are a regular on-stage performer, this is exactly what you need.

AMPRO 20 Westone SLED Technology









Musician Headpohone Features:
-TRU audio filter
-SLED Technology
-Westone MMCX audio connector
-Proprietary armature driver


 Audio Technica ATH-E50 Musician Headphones

When it comes to modern music production, no other in-ear headphone holds a candle to Audio Technica. The ATH-E50 have many unique features such as specially designed housing, this beast offers unbelievable isolation from any outside interference. You could be a producer on the road trying to do your thing with rush hour traffic blaring outside, and you wouldn’t even notice.

Audio Technica ATH E50

Desirable Features:
-Ultra-flexible memory cable over-ear loops for custom fit and comfort
-Powerful, balanced armature drivers that allow for accurate ranged response
-Isolation designed housing for maximum efficiency
-12 Ohm Impedance

Shure SE215 Clear Musician and Artist Headphones

Clear Shure SE215


Highly evolved from personal monitor tech that has been thoroughly road tested by the crème of the crop, the SE215 delivers superbly detailed sound for both individual enjoyment as well as professional monitoring. Music production calls for 100% concentration on every single beat on every individual track. Shure understands exactly what you need; this is why their sound isolating sleeves actively block up to 37 dB of raw, ambient noise. Talk about shutting out the world and getting lost in the music.

Desirable Features For Musicians:
-Formable wire with over ear configuration for secure placement
-Cables are Kevlar reinforced for durability
-Lock Snap mechanism that allows 360-degree rotation
-20 Ohm Impedance

Direct Sound Extreme Isolation EX-29 Headphones

Directors, music producers, singers, audiophiles and jam junkies; what do all these people have in common? Simple, everyone needs a solid pair of the headphones. And not just any regular headphones, only Direct Sound Extreme Isolation EX-29 can deliver quality and quantity that is out of this world. This bad boy peaks at 29 dB of passive isolation that will literally take you to your own explosive planet of audio clarity. The EX-29 aims to make only one statement, no compromise. Whether you are creating magic in the studio or electrifying the masses in a sold out concert, the Direct Sound Extreme Isolation EX-29 lives up to its name by standing tall against extremes. You could rock as true and as hard as you want and your headphones will still be glued strong on your ears.

Extreme Isolation EX29

Desirable Over Ear Headphone Features:
-Corrosion resistant, Gold-plated stereo jack
-Heavily padded, adjustable headband for superior comfort
-Convenient Foldable design
-Dynamic headphone with closed back drivers
-TruSound accurate fidelity response


Every musician deserves the perfect set of monitoring headphones so why not get what you deserve? These headphones are guaranteed to make creating beautiful music a flawless process.

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