What is the Best Subwoofer for the Money?


Qualities of the “Best Subwoofer for the Money”

Just as many other posts on this blog, this article is completely objective. Since this article is about the best subwoofer for the money, I wanted to focus on value. I also wanted to wanted to listen to what our customers were saying. I wanted to find a product that was not only highly reviewed, but also one that had a large amount of review that would give the rating more validity.

Another thing to focus on is the performance and reliability of the sub itself. There are some brands that will promise ridiculous power handling abilities at sub-$100 prices, but will blow and need to be reconed within a few months after installing it. Therefore, I wanted to focus on a product that would perform well and last.

The Sub that Checks all of the Boxes

The subwoofer that checks all of these boxes is none other than the JL Audio 12W0v2-4. JL Audio is known for their high-quality, reliable subwoofers and speakers. They have notable subwoofers at much higher price points like the 13W7-D1.5. The smaller 12W0v2-4 may not be able to handle 1500W RMS like the top of line subwoofer can, but it still can handle 300 W RMS. This is a much more realistic solution for someone who is looking for a noticeable upgrade from their factory car subwoofers.

One bonus of this subwoofer being smaller is its versatility. It can be placed in a much smaller space in a smaller box. This gives you more options on what vehicles you can install it in.

Just like other more expensive subwoofers from JL, it is made out of quality materials. It has a Mineral-filled, polypropylene cone and a sturdy, stamped steel basket. You get these quality materials all for only $99.99.

The reviews for the JL Audio 12W0v2-4 speak for itself. On our website it is rated 4.9 stars on 648 customer reviews. Customers were blown away by the sound quality when they were paired with a quality amp. The JL name did not let our customers down.

More Information:

If you are looking for other articles about subwoofers or if you want more information about amp to pair with your new sub, make sure to visit our blog. Also, visit our website to find more amazing values like this subwoofer.


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