What It Takes to Be a Basshead

What it Takes to Be a Basshead

Here at Sonic Electronix, we value your all of your guys’ opinions on all things audio. Especially when it comes to bass. And when it comes to bass and car audio, being a basshead is definitely important. Last week we posted on our Facebook, the question “What does it take to be a basshead?” Thank  you to everyone who submitted their answers. Here are the top five answers from our followers. And, if you have any basshead tips to add, feel free to comment below!

[wpsm_numbox num=”1″ style=”3″]When You Buy…[/wpsm_numbox]

…your vehicle based on your system plans. – Eric M.

[wpsm_numbox num=”2″ style=”3″]Your Music[/wpsm_numbox]

When you listen to music you don’t like just for the bassline. – Jetta R.

[wpsm_numbox num=”3″ style=”3″]In the Name of Bass[/wpsm_numbox]

Going in knowing you’re going to break a perfectly good automobile in the name of bass. – James M.

[wpsm_numbox num=”4″ style=”3″]Just Love Bass[/wpsm_numbox]

Just love bass, and everything car audio. Never look down on another’s sound system. – Jose J.

[wpsm_numbox num=”5″ style=”3″]Subwoofer Wattage[/wpsm_numbox]

At least 6000 watts to the subs – William S.

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